• Welcome

    Welcome to DONO Bears!
    Handcrafted bears for enthusiasts and collectors.
    I am delighted to welcome you to DONO Bears.

    Through these pages I would like to give you an insight into My Teddy World, which I hope you find inspirational and maybe also a teddy bear to match.
    All my teddy bears are exclusive handcrafted creations and, therefore, each is unique! They are lovingly designed and handmade by me.
    All bears showcased can be purchased, however, please note, that they
    are intended and suitable only for enthusiasts and collectors. They are not suitable as toys for small children.
    DONO Bears is regularly updated and revised. So please revisit often and take a look.
    It is well worthwhile!
    I hope you enjoy browsing my Teddy World!
    Your Doris Norris